Clio Art Fair NYC in September 8 - 11 Clio Art Fair NYC in September 8 - 11

Clio Art Fair NYC in September 8 - 11

Clio Art Fair NYC in September 8 - 11

Clio Art Fair NYC in September 8 - 11


Clio Art Fair is delighted to share with you the immediate press release
for its thirteenth edition, September 8-11, 2022
@ 550 West 29th Street, New York

Understanding the need for independent artists to self-promote, Clio Art Fair provides ever-expanding access to the NY curatorial and art market scene. Clio Art Fair, in its 8 years of existence, is earnestly working to carry out its mission: empowering independent artists, allowing them to make their voices heard, and helping them to become aware of their own creativity, as well as commercial potential. Clio Art Fair was born with the particular ambition to offer twice a year a professional international group show made up of artists who do not have an exclusive representation with any NY art gallery.

The art fair project, born on the fifth floor of the Wolf Building in Chelsea in 2014, has outgrown its original digs in Chelsea, and graduated to a street-level space, beginning from the March 2018 edition. This move, as expected, is helping to guarantee greater exposure, more visitors, a higher percentage of sales, and basically, more of everything than the first editions. For the last three years, Clio moved into a contemporary luxury building at 55 W 29th street, in Chelsea. Clio Art Fair was born to challenge traditional art market methodologies. 

The primary goal is to create a space for direct dialogue between artists and collectors, artists and curators without the presence of any long-term mediator. The fair focuses on valorizing artworks while respecting and highlighting their role within the architectural spaces they inhabit. Adding to the innovative nature of our vision, Clio is the first art fair to accept the primary crypto-values as a form of payment: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, since 2017. 

~ Alessandro Berni, Founder

Selected Artists:

Erika Ehrman, Formento & Formento, Jay Martin, Vikki Michalios,

Robert Obier, Jason Piken, Carmine Santaniello, Denny Theocharakis