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The Ward-Nasse Gallery stands as an esteemed institution in the heart of Soho, revered for its historical significance and its unwavering commitment to fostering opportunities for artists hailing from diverse corners of the globe. Originating in Boston in the early 1960s, the gallery transplanted itself to its present location in 1970, evolving into an artist-run establishment.

With a rich legacy spanning over three decades, the Ward-Nasse Gallery continues to pioneer the art scene by inaugurating a distinctive artist-run gallery in the midst of the vibrant landscape of Chelsea, where over 150 galleries flourish.

In the year 2002, The Artists' Gallery commemorated its grand opening with a momentous exhibition entitled "The Artists' Choice," featuring the creative expressions of over fifty artisans with origins both local and international. This assembly showcased both emerging talents and established artists whose works grace the walls of esteemed museums and private collections.

Our central mission is to provide an unrestricted platform for artists, irrespective of age, race, gender, or ideological affiliations, ensuring that their creative voices can resonate without the constraints of censorship. The gallery embraces an expansive spectrum of contemporary art, encompassing traditional forms and avant-garde expressions, including but not limited to music, poetry, dance, video art, and cutting-edge technology. We firmly believe that the freedom of choice for artists is the catalyst for today's artistic evolution.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the visionary founder, Harry Nasse, whose unflagging dedication has been instrumental in shaping the gallery's identity. Equally, we are profoundly grateful to the numerous artists who have lent their unique contributions in cultivating this gallery into the celebrated institution it is today. Ward-Nasse Gallery was conceived by artists, for artists, embodying a sanctuary of artistic expression and opportunity.