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The Artists Gallery Chelsea Exhibiting Artists and Artists in Residence.



The Artists' Gallery consistently curates and showcases an extensive array of artworks contributed by over fifty artisans hailing from diverse backgrounds, encompassing local, national, and international talents. 

Our collection includes both emerging artists as well as established figures who have garnered recognition in esteemed museums and private collections. Amongst the myriad creative talents, these represent a selection of artists who have had the privilege of exhibiting their work within our gallery's prestigious walls.

Allan Linder
Andrea Mc Donough
Antonio Adomatis
Bayo Iribhogbe
Cathy Elliot
Dragoslav Milic
Gabriele Perici
Gary Aagaard
Jean Mason
John Goetz
Julia Fullerton-Batten
Kyle Blumenthal
Lance Amici
Lennie Peterson
Maria Aparici
Mather Kohan
Melissa Christiano
Melvin Butler
Michael Blumenthal
Michael Giliberti
Miko Goodnough
Molly Avery Lawrence
Neil Bergh
Olan Montgomery
Raphael Arroyo
Robert Goodnough
Steven Meier
T.J. Huff
Tim Flach
Tom Anastasio