$85 NFT Art Is Selling for Millions $85 NFT Art Is Selling for Millions

$85 NFT Art Is Selling for Millions.

$85 NFT Art Is Selling for Millions

$85 NFT Art Is Selling for Millions


An undervalued artist sells his own NFT artwork for $85 and the collector promptly relists the piece for $2.8 million.

It seems like every day we hear another story about how an NFT artwork becomes an overnight sensation. An original NFT artwork by Allan Linder was sold for 0.03 ETH (roughly $85 USD at that time) to a collector in Canada and promptly relisted for sale by the collector for $2.8 million. This undervalued artist was new to the market and the value of his own work online.

The artist previously sold out several of his crypto art collections but this one was unexpected.

The NFT artwork titled "Getting There" was created as part of a series in The Unforgiving City Collection.

The Unforgiving City is an NFT collection based on Allan Linder's original Cityscape paintings. Each piece is scanned at a stunning 4k resolution and digitally painted over the original. The digitally enhanced artwork is then animated with 20 to 100 animated cells, then they are stacked, stabilized, and an original music score is added.

"Everything you see is beautiful and alive." ~ Outside The Cube

"I stared at each page, soaking in every detail" ~ Amid The Imaginary

"Pushing the limits of handmade art and digital art combined" ~ NFT NYC

"Collect while you can, this guy's work is going straight up!" ~ NFT All-Star

"Linder's impressive body of work just blew up with the release of his NFTs" ~ NFT Star

"Grasspeople is a full-color dark fairy tale adventure like Zelda meets Lord of the Rings." ~ Super Robot Mayhem

Linder combines real-world artwork with digital compositions that fuse texture from painting on canvas with motion animation and digital paint. Some of Linder's work is described as "Living Paintings."

Allan Linder is a multi-disciplined, award-winning artist with 25 years of experience painting, drawing storyboards for film and television, character design, animation, and illustration.