You and Your Noise You and Your Noise

You and Your Noise Exhibition

You and Your Noise

You and Your Noise


You and Your Noise is a group exhibition of emerging and established photographers and video installation artists from the UK. These artists have gained respect in their field across the pond and are now showing off their stuff here in NYC. The artists featured are Taylor Crothers, Tim Flach, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Greyworld, Philip Lee Harvey, and Carl Cori Lyttle. The exhibition is curated by Andree Cooke.

The photography is stunning, including breathtaking close-ups of the animal kingdom, shot in a way that seems to stop time itself, by photographer Tim Flach.

The video installation by Greyworld is interactive, utilizing sound and motion sensors to activate a real-time image of the individual that is standing in front of the large plasma screens in the gallery.

Moving in front of the screen turns the viewer into a participant in the art itself, exploding into flames or flowing like water. It is not just something to be seen, but something to be experienced. The exhibition was well attended and nearly sold out. Several of the artists received large public commission projects and Philip Lee Harvey (photographer) went on to shoot for National Geographic.